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Cover illustration: Courtesy of ESA, NASA/JPL-Caltech, and Felix Mirabel (French Atomic Energy Commission and Institute for Astronomy and Space Physics/Conicet of Argentina
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Aether: The Physicalists' God
by Laurent R. Duchesne
Whether there is an aether or not is finally answered: the Aether is but does not exist until it turns into matter.

This isn't a new theory but a new insight on already existing theories. A freshly synthesized interpretation consistent with already known and well accepted scientific facts. A modern perspective in which the aether concept is reintroduced in an attempt to reconcile a centuries old notion of wholeness in space and time with actually established scientific paradigms. In addition to arguing for a common substrate to all matter in a purely dialectical way, without math or complicated formulas, I relate self-awareness and perception to non-living, self-organized systems. Thereby suggesting that Consciousness is not an independent supernatural entity separate from matter, but an intrinsic property of all matter.

This book represents, in a short and informal style, what I have realized after a lifelong quest for proof of wholeness in space and time as a fundamental property of the Universe. It is aimed at a general audience, going from the specialist to the layman, with the hope of further popularizing these deeply philosophical issues.

Publication Date: January 18, 2014
ISBN/EAN13: 1438205325 /

About the author:

Laurent was born in Madrid, Spain, on Oct. 10 of 1955, and raised in Puerto Rico. Studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Now spends most of his time in MD, USA.

By age 8, Laurent was already wondering about why would a cup stick to his face as he tried to suck the air out. Later, he learned about magnetism, gravity and inertia as he continued to wonder if, besides atmospheric pressure, there was some unknown force at work. He remembers making needles stand up without touching them by using a magnet, then wondering how could that be? After learning about the EPR experiments he started inquiring about oneness and how everything seemed to be connected.

It has been a journey going from J.L.Borges' "The Garden of Bifurcating Paths" to Everett's Many-worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. From the collective behavior of sardine schools and J. Cortazar's eels in "Prose from the Observatory" to Bose-Einstein condensates. From the relativity demonstrated by the 'twins paradox' thought experiment to the non-locality uncovered by the EPR (Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen) experiment. After thoroughly studying the physics of Nature, Laurent is convinced that the Aether is the physical but immaterial substance from which the universe emerged.
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